Specialty Programs

Pathway to Home

Our Pathway to Home Program is designed to assist residents with a safe transition back to the community as soon as possible. Upon admission, a member of our interdisciplinary team will schedule a Partners in Care meeting with the patient and their family; we will discuss the care, goals and projected stay for the patient. When the patients' goal is to return home, our interdisciplinary team will evaluate, assess, and provide training and education to promote and assist with a safe discharge. It is our goal to have all residents, whether long-term or short-term, obtain and maintain their highest level of function and independence.

Standardized Rehab Outcomes

Our Standardized Rehab Outcomes Program is designed for the short stay rehab patients. It provides measurable data on each patients' progress and functional gains made during the rehabilitative stay at our facility. Our therapist are certified to complete a standardized outcome on all short term rehab patients that was created and endorsed by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) as well as the National Association in Support of LTC (NASL).